Tuesday, July 19, 2011

National Council for the Social Studies Conference

As an educator we do not usually have the opportunity or funding to travel to professional conferences.  I was extremely lucky this past school year to attend the Nation Council for the Social Studies conference in Denver, Colorado.  It was very motivating, educational, and inspiring to see and hear all of the ways you can infuse social studies throughout your curriculum. 

We arrived early on the first day, so we took in some sights around the town.  The Denver Art Museum was really cool.  There was a neat exhibit on King Tut that we toured, no pictures allowed though. 

We were fortunate to hear many inspiring speakers whose lives and actions have shaped the content of our social studies curriculum. 

This is a man named Da Chen.  He has written many memoirs and survived more heartache and struggle than one can imagine.

Free beer & pretzels for teachers...please and thank you!  :) 

One of my favorite sessions at the conference was meeting and listening to Trinka Hakes Noble, the author of many children's books, including one of my favorites, The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash!  Now she writes historical fiction for kids.  Neat books!

Here is my coworker Kelly giving Trinka an idea for a historical book related to Nebraska. Great idea, Kelly!

Later we met her and she signed copies of her books for us.  I would love to write a children's book one day...add that to my 'to do' list!

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to see a partial release of the documentary Freedom Riders which was released on PBS this year. 

 Here are two of the men who participated in the Freedom Rides.  I am embarassed to say that I cannot recall this man's name right now.  Kelly, any idea??

This is Ernest "Rip" Patton, Jr.
One of the final speakers for the event was Kareem Abdul Jabbar.  He is doing great things for social studies!

What an inspiring opportunity, I hope I am fortunate enough to attend others in the future!

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