Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shutter Planter

I'm still alive! 
I've been busy traveling to visit family and catching up with old friends before school starts up again.  

This project was not an original idea of mine, as I saw it on a blog, but they only used a single shutter and I used a double one.  I wanted mine to be able to stand on its own.  

Our town has a place called Ecostores where you can get used building materials for cheap.  I picked up the shutters and the green paint there for under $5!  

This is what they looked like when I bought them.
This is the back side, I forgot to take a before picture...I get too excited to paint!

That's right...two bucks...and the money goes to charity!

Then I got these cute pots for under a dollar each at Walmart. 
I spray painted them glossy ivory by Krylon.

Here are the shutters after I primed and painted them. I haven't always primed things I paint but it really does make a big difference in how your paint looks and how many coats you have to apply.

The color is a sage green. 

Using some twine, I tied the pots to the shutters. The blog that I found this on used twine with wire inside, which I'll probably have to use eventually because I'm guessing the soil will decompose the twine and cause the pots to fall off.  But I found twine in our garage and just couldn't wait!

Now I just have to plant something in them...but with my rabbit problem lately I'm hesitant to give them anymore food.  A relative suggested spreading blood meal around, so that is my next attempt.
We might just have to get a dog!  :) 

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  1. That is so stinking cute! I'm sure the rabbits won't get to it if it's at my house! :)